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Message from The Principal

Today we are living in the age of cut-throat competition. The world has been converted into a global village. In the present scenario, there is a great need to produce the global citizen with global vision. The greater challenge today is to evolve an educational system that is dialogic and promotes creative engagement with world for social transformation. A new generation should come up in this world who can think beyond the cast creed, region and religion. At present entire world is charged with venomous ideas. This is the great onus of an educational institution to infuse the democratic values among students.School education plays a vital role in the life of human being.

"Education should be life oriented not exam oriented."

Every moment of life is an exam. Education enables survival capacity among students to make their unique position in the world. Education is a matter of mind and behavior, not the matter of degrees, certificates and diplomas.We went to make a good balance between conventional wisdom and modern technology so that our smart class should produce the smart citizen.To produce the trend setter for tomorrow is our aim, who can contribute something to citizen and can give a new dimension to the age, and can think out of box.Entire education system is based on three main pillars parent, teacher and student. Child is the center of an education system. Co-operation and patience is must for the parent’s side. Late we make your child as the first rate global citizen with quality of trend setter in positive direction.